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PayPal Ventures Leads $52M Round for Crypto Firm Magic

The startup offers non-custodial wallet infrastructure for an enterprise client list that includes Macy’s and Mattel. Source link

Bitcoin BTC Price Has Reached ‘a General Accumulation Phase’: Analyst

Bitcoin was recently trading at about $26,835, roughly flat over the previous four hours but down 1.2% from Wednesday, same time, according to...

Apple and Goldman Sachs Don’t Trust Their New Banking Customers

The absurdity of this is layered and nuanced, like a souffle of clumsy, anti-customer banking practices. One trigger for such a bank security...

Virtual Reality Tokens Surge 8% as Traders Await Apple's VR Headset Release

Cryptocurrency's virtual reality sector has surged by almost 8% over the past 24 hours as investors anticipate Apple's VR headset reveal on Monday. Source...