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Why the Cosmos ATOM 2.0 White Paper Was a ‘Sell the News’ Event

At the recent Cosmoverse conference, Cosmos released a white paper with a new issuance model for ATOM which aims to revamp the Cosmos...

Ex-Microsoft MD Talks Web3 Development Following Move to NEO

John deVadoss spent almost two decades at the pinnacle of Microsoft as a Managing Director. From 1998 to 2016, John was instrumental in...

Mosdex Will Now Support ERC20 USDT

An update on its previous announcement and the most anticipated by users, Mosdex will now support ERC-20 Tether. From now on, Mosdex users can...

FTX Must Pay Expenses Incurred by Bahamas Regulator for Holding the Exchange's Digital Assets

The Bahamas Supreme Court ruled that FTX is responsible for all costs associated with the Securities Commission in keeping FTM assets in commission's...