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Ethereum R&D Firm Flashbots Shares Details About Its Next-Gen Block Builder

After teasing SUAVE at this year’s Devcon, Flashbots details how the plug-and-play solution will transform the way validators earn MEV. Source link

FTX Bankruptcy Judge Says Creditor Information Can Be Redacted – at Least For Now

FTX creditors concerned about their names and other personal information being disclosed as part of the crypto exchange’s bankruptcy proceedings can breathe a...

New York Law Cracks Down On Bitcoin Mining

As expected, Governor Kathy Hochul has signed into law a moratorium on Bitcoin mining in New York. The law is the first of...

Crypto Funds Have Biggest Outflows in 12 Weeks

“Regionally, the negative sentiment was focused on the U.S., Sweden and Canada, which all saw either outflows from long investment products or inflows...