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Ethereum Staking-as-a Service Startup Kiln Raises $17.6M

Kiln, a startup that allows customers to receive rewards for helping secure the Ethereum blockchain, raised 17 million euros ($17.6 million) in a...

BlockFi Has $355M in Crypto Frozen on FTX, Attorney Confirms

BlockFi filed for bankruptcy Monday, after weeks of speculation about the company’s solvency after it paused withdrawals earlier in November. The lender had...

Jack Dorsey’s TBD Is Looking to Trademark ‘Web5’ to Deter Its Misuse

TBD envisioned Web5, a word that combines Web2 and Web3, to be “a public tool for good” which will be open to everyone...

Tom Lee Says Bitcoin is Still A good Investment, But Why?

Bitcoin has been declining since the advent of the bear market. But the bearish trend escalated in the past three weeks due to...