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Ethereum R&D Firm Flashbots Shares Details About Its Next-Gen Block Builder

After teasing SUAVE at this year’s Devcon, Flashbots details how the plug-and-play solution will transform the way validators earn MEV. Source link

Binance Targets $1B Recovery Fund for Distressed Crypto Assets: Bloomberg

The Binance fund will be open to contributions from other industry players. Source link

Web3 DAO Game7 Unveils $100M Grant Program

The grants will be awarded to Web3 game projects over five years Source link

CFTC Bypassed Legal Requirement in Trying to Serve Ooki DAO, Crypto Supporters Claim

“The CFTC relies upon a razor thin metaphysical distinction between the Ooki DAO and Ooki Protocol. According to the CFTC, the Ooki Protocol...