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FTX Owes Its Largest Creditor $226M; Top 50 Owed Total of About $3.1B

“The Top 50 List is based on the Debtors’ currently available creditor information, including customer information that was able to be viewed but...

Bitcoin Trading Volume Down To 3-Month Low As FTX Volatility Fades

Data shows the Bitcoin trading volume has plunged to a 3-month low as renewed market volatility due to the FTX fiasco fades away. Bitcoin...

Mansplaining Your Way Through the Crypto Crash at Thanksgiving

No, you don’t have to accept any personal responsibility for suggesting Anchor was just like a savings account. Source link

Major Canadian Crypto Exchange Coinsquare Says Client Data Breached

According to the email, the breach exposed “customer names, email addresses, residential addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, device IDs, public wallet addresses,...