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Bitcoin, Ether Needn't Follow Financial Rules, Belgian Regulator Says

Officials hope to fend off a rising number of questions about how crypto should be regulated and when they should be treated as...

Anxious Ethereum Stakers Question When They’ll Be Able to Access Funds

Ethereum developers say they are committed to making withdrawals a priority for Shanghai. “There’s always discussions about timelines and moving things around, but...

Crypto Custodian Aegis Trust Offers $25M Insurance Policy for NFTs

“We are focusing on the security of the infrastructure. And that's really fundamental for institutions, which are still the majority of the value...

Crypto Financial Services Firm Eqonex Files for Voluntary Debt Restructuring in Singapore

The company has been in talks with existing lender Bifinity and other potential investors to raise capital, but has not been successful. Source link...