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Renowned Economist Drops Bombshell On The US Dollar: Can Bitcoin Provide Safe Haven?

Renowned Economist Peter Schiff has warned about an imminent fall in the US Dollar and the country’s economy. If his warning is anything...

Neobank startup iPeakoin raised nearly $10 million Series A from Zhenfund

iPeakoin, an innovative neobank building solutions across traditional finance and crypto, recently closed its Series A, "close to ten million dollars led by ZhenFund",...

SNOVA Capital: Transforming Asset Management through Innovative Digital Solutions

 In an industry marked by rapid technological advancement, SNOVA Capital, an international investment firm, is taking a significant leap forward with the launch of its innovative...

The Benefits of Building Apps On-Chain

But with each of these single-player examples, it’s important to note that the problem to be solved should never really be viewed as...