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Derby Stars boost play-to-earn gaming trend on Metaverse through its herd of digital horses

Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly mainstream, boosted by the development and innovation around Web3 and the metaverse. Despite being in its infancy, blockchain has...

The Gaming Industry Doesn’t Need Web3, but Gamers Might

Acknowledging the remarkable pace of innovation in Web3, today’s infrastructure cannot scale to the computing power needed to enable today’s AAA games. This...

Cardano DeFi Project Ardana Halts Development, Citing Funding, Timeline Concerns

Ardana was barely a year into development after raising $10 million last year via a funding round led by now defunct crypto hedge...

Recstartoken launches a new paradigm in crypto art through its digital platform.

Recstartoken is an emerging crypto platform founded by Emanuele Morgione. In the latest development, the founder is pleased to announce that he has decoded...