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Wrapped Bitcoin Trades at Discount Amid Market Contagion

“Alameda was one of the most important market makers for some small-cap altcoins, while other major market makers registered losses and are likely...

3 Things We Learned at Tornado Cash Dev Alexey Pertsev’s Trial

Boerlage said records of internal conversations show Pertsev, Semenov and Storm ran Tornado like a business, discussing management and operational decisions, and that...

Jihan Wu’s Crypto Lender Matrixport Looks to Raise $100M at $1.5B Valuation

The firm sees $5 billion in monthly trading volume, counts $10 billion in assets under management and custody, as well as $700 million...

Steps to Crypto Recovery: Where ‘We’ Go From Here

The FTX is a wake-up call for everyone in the industry. And, no, regulation isn't going to save us next time, any more...