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DeFi Lender Compound Tightens Borrowing Limits After Aave Exploit Attempt

A botched exploit attempt on rival lending protocol Aave brought scrutiny to DeFi protocols’ borrow risks earlier in this month. Source link

Genesis Creditor Groups’ Loans Amount to $1.8B and Counting: Sources

The Proskauer group takes the tally to $1.8 billion, with more to come in the form of a third ad hoc group being...

Jack Dorsey’s TBD Is Looking to Trademark ‘Web5’ to Deter Its Misuse

TBD envisioned Web5, a word that combines Web2 and Web3, to be “a public tool for good” which will be open to everyone...

Arrest Warrant for Terra Co-Founder Dismissed by Korean Court: Report

Daniel Shin’s arrest warrant was dismissed on Saturday local time, according to Yonhap News. Source link