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Binance's CEO Sows Doubt in Crypto Rival Coinbase and Digital Asset Manager Grayscale –...

Changpeng Zhao quickly deleted a tweet that called the companies' disclosures into question. Source link

The Gaming Industry Doesn’t Need Web3, but Gamers Might

Acknowledging the remarkable pace of innovation in Web3, today’s infrastructure cannot scale to the computing power needed to enable today’s AAA games. This...

BITFYE launches cryptocurrency derivatives exchange with the third generation of matching engine

Recently, BITFYE Ltd announced its launch of bitfye.com, the third-generation cryptocurrency derivatives exchange with high-performance matching engine, which has been developed for three years.According to the...

Coinbase, MicroStrategy Bonds Tank as FTX Collapse Dents Institutional Confidence in Crypto

"High bond yields are reflective of sharply higher rates but also of genuine skepticism about the long-term viability of crypto amongst institutional investors...