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FTX Collapse Has Forced Crypto Customers To Avoid Miami Nightclubs

Miami’s nightlife used to be lit – until crypto exchange FTX and the shockwave caused by its sudden collapse sucked the life out...

El Salvador Proposes Digital Securities Bill, Paves Way for Bitcoin Bonds

The bill, presented by the country's Minister of Economy, Maria Luisa Hayem Breve, to the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador. The bill seeks...

Crypto Markets Are Suffering – but Is It Really ‘Contagion’?

Sure, this crypto credit contagion is bad, but it’s unlikely to spread to other markets. Crypto Long & Short is CoinDesk's weekly newsletter...

FTX Direct Clearing Plan Was ‘Not Even Close’ to Decision, CFTC Chief Says

“There are elements of the application that I think have merit, but ultimately, we didn't come up with a decision,” CFTC Chair Behnam...