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Do Not Buy – A New Token-Based Initiative

Do Not Buy is a new token-based initiative developed to help protect crypto investors from scams and rug pulls. The project aims to create...

Inukashi: The New Cryptocurrency Pioneering Decentralized Value Storage

Inukashi, a new decentralized cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network, is pioneering a fresh approach to investing with its unique focus on anonymous redistribution of...

Zipmex Acquisition Stumbles as Buyer Misses Payment: Bloomberg

The payment was due on March 23 and was required to fund working capital. Source link

$119M in Stolen Crypto So Far in 2023, NFT Rug Pulls on the Rise:...

Last year, $4.17 billion were stolen in 199 incidents, the firm said, a higher estimate than Chainalysis' data showing $3.8 billion stolen in...