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Fear Makes Quick Return to Crypto Markets as Bitcoin Plunges Most in 2 Months

Crypto exchange Huobi’s token, HT, climbs 15% over the past 24 hours after the firm announced a partnership with the Commonwealth of Dominica....

DeFi Giant MakerDAO Holds Voting on Hiking DAI Stablecoin Rewards

Increasing the DAI savings rate would make Maker’s stablecoin more competitive among rivals and help mitigate capital outflow from crypto to traditional financial...

DeFi Lender Compound Tightens Borrowing Limits After Aave Exploit Attempt

A botched exploit attempt on rival lending protocol Aave brought scrutiny to DeFi protocols’ borrow risks earlier in this month. Source link

DeFi Protocol Ankr Exploited for Over $5M

The attacker was able to mint 6 quadrillion aBNBc tokens, which they eventually turned into around 5 million USDC Source link