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Ripple-Owned Metaco Sees Most of Executives and Marketing Teams Depart: Source

Metaco, whose CEO Adriene Treccani and chief product officer Peter Demeo both recently departed, has now lost Angel Nunez, who was CTO and...

Steven Nerayoff Intends to Sue U.S. Government for $9.6B Over Dropped Extortion Charges

The government denied the majority of Nerayoff’s claims in a filing of its own, including the assertion that Nerayoff’s colleague and former co-defendant...

Which Crypto Protocols Will Airdrop Next?

Eigenlayer has captured the biggest mindshare, however. Over $55,000 is betting on whether the platform will release a token before June 30 on...

Financial Stability Study Calls for Consistent Regulatory Response to Stablecoins

Countries have varying definitions and categorizations for stablecoins that may pose a risk to financial stability, the report by the Financial Stability Institute...