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Crypto Custodian Finoa Offers Centrifuge’s Tokenized T-Bill Fund

"I would argue traditional finance's message for the future that trillions of dollars will be tokenized is completely disconnected from firms that are...

The Blockchain Industry Must Build for the Real Needs of Real People

Products must be undeniably useful to be adopted by people in these environments. That's why I currently lead the development of the Stellar...

Two Binance Executives Are Detained After Flying Into Nigeria: Reports

According to Cardoso, Nigeria’s anti-corruption agency, police and national security adviser had started investigating crypto exchanges, the FT reported. The agencies want to...

PEPE, Not BTC, Is The Top Trending Token

Bitcoin’s near-vertical rise continues, with the cryptocurrency scaling the $59,000 mark early Wednesday. Ether (ETH) topped $3,300, and the CoinDesk 20 Index, a...