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Ethereum Fee Remains Low Despite Price Rise: What It Means

On-chain data shows the Ethereum transaction fee has remained low despite the recent price rise. Here’s what this may mean for the market. Ethereum...

Kabana Club Enters Last Phase of NFT Minting, 400 WL Spots Left for Game...

Kabana Club believes that a paradigm shift is taking place in the field of NFT, similar to the theoretical shift suggested by Terrence McKenna's...

The New Ciarra INFINITY 3 In 1 Cooker Hood

Get ready to breathe easier with the new Ciarra INFINITY 3 in 1 cooker hood. This is the first and ever customizable decorative cooker hood....

Euler Finance to Offer $1M Reward as It Reels From Nearly $200M Exploit

Euler has sent multiple on-chain messages to the attacker in the past 48 hours. Source link