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Big Week Ahead For Bitcoin And Crypto: This Will Be Key

Due to the insolvency of several U.S. banks and the ongoing liquidity problems of supposedly over 186 US banks, as well as the...

Where the U.S. Government Went Wrong in Regulating Crypto

As a former public servant, I believe there is a role for the government in overseeing the cryptocurrency industry. However, recent regulatory announcements...

Metaverse NFT Trading Volume Hit New All-Time High, DappRadar Says

Another reason for the increase in trading volume is due to NFT marketplace Blur's "airdrop seasons and farming," according to Sara Gherghelas, blockchain...

AI Economy Officially Sets Sail and Reshapes the Metaverse Digital Economy

Recently, Metaverse project AI Economy is officially launched and opens a global layout to build a new generation portal of Web3.0 and reshape the Metaverse digital economy.The word “Metaverse” was originated from...