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AI Economy Officially Sets Sail and Reshapes the Metaverse Digital Economy

Recently, Metaverse project AI Economy is officially launched and opens a global layout to build a new generation portal of Web3.0 and reshape the Metaverse digital economy.The word “Metaverse” was originated from...

Arbitrum, Ether Liquidity Providers Earn $500K From ARB Airdrop

Uniswap data shows over $180 million in volume was traded on the ARB/ETH liquidity pool, netting $542,000 in fees for liquidity providers (LPs)....

ArtHouse Spirits DAO Unveils an NFT-Based Luxury Project Built around Art and Rum

The ArtHouse Spirits Treasury has already achieved over $1.5 million in value and inter alia consists of 50-year-old rums from Dictador. The project appeals...

Amazon's NFT Plans Teased in a Receipt Mailed Friday Afternoon

In an email to CoinDesk's Nikhilesh De, Amazon appeared to confirm that digital tokens, an NFT gallery and resale opportunities are coming to...