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Regulatory Pressure Did Not Shut Down Ethereum Privacy Tools zk.Money, Aztec Connect, Founders Say

In March 2021, Aztec launched its first product – zk.money – a basic software for private transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. In July...

Decentralized Identity Platform DotNames Ends the Hustle to Memorize Long Ethereum Addresses

Despite attaining new and unimaginable heights, there are many hassles in the crypto space that need to be addressed. Not just this, but many...

DeFi Protocol ROOK ‘Gagged’ From Sharing Roadmap by Clients, CEO Says

In a governance call on ROOK’s Discord server that CoinDesk attended, the project’s pseudonymous leader Hazard pushed back on perceptions that management has...

Bitcoin Hashrate Hits 400 EH/s As Miners Profit From Bull Market

Bitcoin’s hashrate has continued its recent climb, riding to dramatic new highs. The leading digital asset by market cap has experienced a major...