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MarginFi Leader Resigns on Fiery Day for Major Solana Lender

"The stale Oracle issues currently impact withdrawals, not deposits, I think, so it's leading to some accusations from users who feel that MarginFi...

Patrick McHenry Still Thinks U.S. Legislation Governing Tether (USDT), USDC, Other Stablecoins Is Possible

McHenry has been negotiating stablecoin legislation with members of his party and House Democrats for months, and when a bill cleared his committee,...

FRIEND Token Airdrop Expectations Bring Users Back to Friend.Tech

Friend.tech was earning in excess of $1 million per day in fees at its August peak after going viral on X and gaining...

Craig Wright Drops Appeal Against Hodlonaut in Norway

The famously bellicose Wright has been largely quiet in the wake of Judge Mellor’s decision, as has his billionaire benefactor Calvin Ayre. The...