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Nuritopia Announces Upcoming NBLU Listing on Gate.io and Airdrop Staking Event

Nuritopia is excited to announce the upcoming listing of NBLU, its native token. The token will be listed on Gate.io on the day of...

Decentralized Exchanges Posted Record $25B Daily Volume as USDC Depegged

The previous high of $24.3 billion occurred in May 2021, when bitcoin was worth roughly $65,000 and ether $4,400. Source link

USDC's 'Black Swan' Depegging Could Have Been Avoided With Proper Regulatory Framework

Fissures among the progressive left are primarily responsible for the lack of U.S. regulatory progress around stablecoins, says John Rizzo, senior vice president...

A multi-chain payments platform for merchants & creators, now available on Polygon

Today marks an exciting milestone for the Web3 payments space as Helio announces its multi-chain payments platform for dApps, merchants and creators. Founded with the...