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Bitcoin Market-Neutral Bets Offer 10% Return as BTC Tops $41K, Analysts Say

The "basis trade," a standout in the 2020/2021 bull market, is hinting at a resurgence, one observer said, referring to the rising futures...

The Metaverse Man Gets Real

Siu sees the year ahead as a year for many existing and emerging verticals in crypto, like GameFi, EduFi and digital identity. In...

LCX Releases V3 Regulated Crypto Exchange

LCX, one of the leading regulated digital asset exchanges in Europe, announced today the release of its V3 crypto exchange. LCX, the latest model,...

Osmosis & Umee Announce Landmark Merger, Paving the Way for a DeFi Powerhouse

The Umee UX Chain, the largest lending protocol in Cosmos, just announced a merger with the Osmosis chain, the largest Decentralised Exchange in Cosmos, toward building...