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0xGPU Presents New Features Enhancing GPU&NPU Decentralized Computing

The 0xGPU team is launching new features to enhance decentralized computing using GPU and NPU technologies.With a clear set of milestones, 0xGPU offers different pricing plans...

Tanuki Announces “Cheeky” Memecoin Launchpad on Solana and Live Token Presale

Tanuki launched recently on Solana, aiming to “redefine the meme game and bring unprecedented joy to the community” through the Tanuki Launchpad supporting reliable memecoin...

Chainalysis Hires Former IRS Criminal Investigations Chief Jim Lee

“Crypto is the future of finance, which also means it's the future of crime,” Lee wrote in a Monday blog post on Chainalysis’...

Bitcoin BTC Holds Stable at $70K

Recent news that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating companies associated with the Ethereum Foundation is consistent with the view...