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The Animal Farm Reveals Documents and Demo for Piggy Plinko – A Fully Decentralized,...

The team behind the Animal Farm, an open-source finance platform on the Binance Smart Chain, is developing a suite of gaming products that aim...

Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs Minted Surpasses 500,000 Mark – What’s Next?

Bitcoin ordinal NFTs are the trending asset on the bitcoin network, with more than 500,000 NFTs minted recently. These unique digital assets have...

Bitcoin Isn’t Trading as a Currency but as a Speculative Asset: Morgan Stanley

The cryptocurrency isn’t isolated from the traditional banking system, and its price is supported by U.S. dollar liquidity, the report said. Source link

Major Bitcoin ATM Maker Hacked, Over $1.5 Million In BTC Stolen

Bitcoin ATM maker General Bytes has become the latest victim of a cyber attack, with the company announcing a loss of $1.5 million...