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Newly Formed ZeroSync Association Brings Zero-Knowledge Proofs to Bitcoin

Linus was living in Santa Teresa, a remote beach town on Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula that has one ATM machine with a 10pm...

Arbitrum Shows Just How Messy (and Tricky) Crypto Airdrops Can Be

For months leading up to the airdrop, even before there was official confirmation of an ARB token, scammers were spinning up spoof Arbitrum...

Crypto Exchange Aggregator 1inch Proposes Diluting Some Insiders’ Voting Power

In a community call on Friday that CoinDesk attended, Jordan Reindl, a member of 1inch's community and governance team, proposed the protocol dilute...

MOSDEX Offers Investors Alternative From Banking Turmoil with Innovative Staking Platform

As fractional reserve banking systems continue to experience pressure in a rising rate environment, crypto assets like Bitcoin have experienced inflows as investors look...