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Decentralized Exchanges Posted Record $25B Daily Volume as USDC Depegged

The previous high of $24.3 billion occurred in May 2021, when bitcoin was worth roughly $65,000 and ether $4,400. Source link

Crypto Twitter Thinks the Fed’s $297B Balance Sheet Expansion Is ‘QE’, But It’s Not

"QE is increasing the balance sheet for monetary purposes. This is about financial stability, and all expansion of the balance sheet is not...

Bitcoin Crosses $24.7K, Sees Highest Liquidations in Two Months

As such, data suggests the price action was spot driven. As of Tuesday, open interest on futures remained below Mar. 9 levels, when...

Bitcoin Options Volume on Deribit Hits Highest Level in 22 Months as Bank Failures...

On Deribit, one options contract represents 1 BTC and 1 ETH. The exchange controls more than 80% of the global crypto options market....