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Open Zeppelin Reveals Top 10 Blockchain Hacking Techniques in 2022

The first and second place bugs involved layer 2 scaling solution Optimism and vanity address generator Profanity. Source link

Doodles Is 'No Longer an NFT Project,' Co-Founder Says

In a statement posted to Discord, co-founder Jordan Castro, aka Poopie, explained that the brand aims to be a leading media franchise. Source link...

AI and Crypto Are Combining to Create Web3's 'Multiplayer Era'

Creating with code has never been easier. Web3 tooling shows us how it can be equitable. Source link

Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs Minted Surpasses 500,000 Mark – What’s Next?

Bitcoin ordinal NFTs are the trending asset on the bitcoin network, with more than 500,000 NFTs minted recently. These unique digital assets have...