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Plagiarism, Fork, or Simple Mistake? Shiba Inu Community Debates the Origin Story of Shibarium

“At the end of the day, Shibaroum is likely still far off, Open Source code is being used (which is okay - other...

Web3 Service Unstoppable Domains and Polygon Labs Roll Out .polygon Domains

With the new domain, Unstoppable users can expand their Polygon-based Web3 identity. Owners of .polygon domains can use them to send crypto and...

Google Searches for Arbitrum Soar Amid Airdrop Announcement

Arbitrum follows in the footsteps of Optimism, a rival layer 2 scaling solution that issued an airdrop last April. The market capitalization of...

Coinbase, Hut 8 and Other Crypto Stocks Rise as Bitcoin Surpasses $26K

Coinbase shares were up close to 7%, while those of MicroStrategy (MSTR), which holds billions of dollars of bitcoin on its balance sheet,...