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The Next ChatGPT Won’t Be in Web3 Unless Some Things Change

The core idea behind the potential negative impact of generative AI in the Web3 space is relatively simple. Generative AI has the potential...

Disney Lays Off Metaverse Team: WSJ

Fifty people have lost their jobs as Disney disbands its next-generation storytelling and consumer experiences unit as part a company-wide staff reduction. Source link...

Ajna And Oasis.app Launch ‘Inside Baseball’ Twitter NFT Activation — Ajna Games

Ajna, a new DeFi protocol built by a team of ex-Maker developers and strategists in partnership with Oasis.app, will launch The Ajna Games this...

Where the U.S. Government Went Wrong in Regulating Crypto

As a former public servant, I believe there is a role for the government in overseeing the cryptocurrency industry. However, recent regulatory announcements...