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Swiss Crypto Hedge Fund Tyr Capital Clashes With Client Over FTX Exposure: FT

Tyr investor TGT has brought claims against the hedge fund that it ignored several warnings over its ties with FTX. Source link

In Lejilex vs. SEC, Crypto Goes on Offense in the Courts

But the best argument in favor of impact litigation is the industry’s track record in court. Last year, Ripple Labs scored a big...

World’s First Bitcoin DEX – SatoshiSwap.ai Has Raised $700,000 in Pre-Sale in 48 Hours

SatoshiSwap.ai, a pioneering Bitcoin DeFi platform, has raised $700K in pre-sale round. This investment will fuel the development of SatoshiSwap.ai's flagship project: a DEX...

Layer-1 Network Flare Raises $35M From Kenetic, Aves Lair

“Agreements over liquidity are excellent for a growing ecosystem," said Flare co-founder Hugo Philion. "At this final anticipated liquidity event, I am very...