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SEC Urges Investors to Be Cautious With Crypto Securities

The regulator's warning comes the day after Coinbase (COIN) disclosed the SEC issued it a Wells Notice indicating a possible imminent enforcement action...

Inukashi: The New Cryptocurrency Pioneering Decentralized Value Storage

Inukashi, a new decentralized cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network, is pioneering a fresh approach to investing with its unique focus on anonymous redistribution of...

UAE Unveils CBDC Strategy, First Phase to Be Completed By Mid-2024

The first pillar is the soft launch of the ongoing project mBridge, a collaboration between the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and the...

TWT Stake – A New Platform with Advanced Staking Solutions for the TWT Token

Crypto passive income is becoming increasingly popular to compensate for the market's volatility peaks. Staking has become a popular strategy for crypto investors to...