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Ethereum Foundation Successfully Activates Dencun Upgrade Across Testnets, Confirms Imminent Deployment

In a recent announcement, the Ethereum (ETH) Foundation revealed that the highly anticipated Dencun network upgrade had been successfully activated on all testnets....

Taiko, an 'Ethereum-Equivalent ZK Rollup,' Raises $15M

The Taiko project, distinguished for its "based sequencing" architecture, is one of several competing for relevance among a deep field of Ethereum layer-2...

Harmonizing Technology with Tunes: Exploring the Innovative $MUSIC Ecosystem in Gala MUSIC

What is MUSIC and what does it solve?Gala MUSIC (MUSIC) is a decentralised platform built using blockchain technology on Gala’s layer 1, GalaChain. It’s...

Ethereum Is About To “Explode” Because Of This Key Technical Indicator: Analyst

Tony “The Bull,” a technical analyst and the Editorial Executive at NewsBTC, now thinks Ethereum (ETH), the second most valuable cryptocurrency, is about...