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AI and Crypto Are Combining to Create Web3's 'Multiplayer Era'

Creating with code has never been easier. Web3 tooling shows us how it can be equitable. Source link

Ethereum Sharks Accumulated In Past Year, But Whales Sold

On-chain data from Santiment shows Ethereum whales were selling during the past year while sharks were buying more of the asset. Ethereum Sharks Added...

Google Searches for Arbitrum Soar Amid Airdrop Announcement

Arbitrum follows in the footsteps of Optimism, a rival layer 2 scaling solution that issued an airdrop last April. The market capitalization of...

Coinbase Files Amicus Brief in Insider Trading Case: ‘We Need Rulemaking’

“Such behavior is improper for a government agency, and is irreconcilable with due process concerns,” it argued in its brief. “The SEC’s motive,...