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Ethereum Network DRPC Aims to Quell Centralization Risks Ahead of Shanghai Upgrade

“Decentralized RPC services form the bedrock for a trustless, secure, and scalable network. The launch of DRPC will enable end-to-end decentralization for Ethereum,”...

LuxWorld (LUX) Announces Uniswap Listing and Global Ambassador Program

LuxWorld takes a big step in the cryptocurrency market by listing its $LUX token on Uniswap, one of the most popular decentralized exchanges, on...

Inukashi: The New Cryptocurrency Pioneering Decentralized Value Storage

Inukashi, a new decentralized cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network, is pioneering a fresh approach to investing with its unique focus on anonymous redistribution of...

Binance Temporarily Suspends Spot Trading; Bitcoin Dumps $700 Immediately

Bitcoin slightly dipped as Binance spot trading was suspended. Source link