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Crypto Twitter Thinks the Fed’s $297B Balance Sheet Expansion Is ‘QE’, But It’s Not

"QE is increasing the balance sheet for monetary purposes. This is about financial stability, and all expansion of the balance sheet is not...

Bitcoin Is Benefiting From Crypto’s Flight to Quality: Matrixport

Investors are shifting into bitcoin from stablecoins as well as more volatile cryptocurrencies, the report said. Source link

Lama Technology Partners With Top European Web3 Agency to Bring Crypto into Mainstream Financial...

Lama Technology, a modern payments, and financial services technology provider, announced a strategic partnership with Lunar Strategy, a web3 growth agency, to make modern...

Bitcoin Total Addresses See Rapid Growth, Sign Of Adoption?

On-chain data shows the total number of Bitcoin addresses has seen rapid growth recently, a sign that adoption may be accelerating. Bitcoin Total Addresses...