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Is Ether a Security?

The NYAG sued KuCoin last week under state law, alleging that ether, post-Merge, is a security under the Ethereum blockchain’s proof-of-stake consensus mechanism....

How Web3 Animation Project ‘The Gimmicks’ Survives a Crypto Winter

When the going gets tough, the tough get “DIC punches.” In the world of "The Gimmicks," a Web3 animation project, “DIC punch” stands...

Odasea the project fusing anime and the blockchain

Odasea is an innovative company that explores the NFT world with a focus on anime and manga. The team is passionate about bringing new...

Decentralized Borrowing Protocol Liquity’s LQTY Token Soars Amid USDC Chaos

While LUSD is meant to retain its dollar-peg, Liquidity’s secondary token LUSD has seen the upside. LQTY, which has a total supply of...