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Dubai Regulator Wants to Lower the Cost of Compliance for Small Crypto Firms

While Dubai's regulatory rules were broadly welcomed, some firms worried about the expense. Source link

Hong Kong-Based First Digital’s $3B Stablecoin Arrives to Sui Network in DeFi Push

"This integration will have a profound impact on the Sui community, fueling enhanced liquidity, expanding the network's utility, and unlocking new possibilities for...

Ordinals Defy Bitcoin’s Design Principles but Offer Miners Huge Post-Halving Advantages

Bringing more complex products to the network had the effect of using up more block space, and competition for this space drove up...

What the Ethereum (ETH) Staking Argument Is Really About

The Core Devs are, of course, part of that community, but it’s also clear they have an outsized influence on the protocol relative...