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Déesse Partners with Leading Gaming Finance GameFi.org

The Déesse Dao staff is proud to announce one more TIER 1 partnership with a pillar of gaming finance such as GameFi.org. The consolidation of this union...

Euler Finance to Offer $1M Reward as It Reels From Nearly $200M Exploit

Euler has sent multiple on-chain messages to the attacker in the past 48 hours. Source link

Starknet DAO Heads Toward First Governance Vote

The independent, nonprofit Starknet Foundation will delegate 33% of its overall voting power in the first vote to the first-phase Builders Council (getting...

Signature Bank’s Prospective Buyers Must Agree to Give Up All Crypto Business: Report

A class action lawsuit was filed against Signature Bank in February, alleging that the bank knew about – and facilitated – the “now infamous FTX...