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U.S. CFTC May Change Risk Rules in a Way That Could Consider Crypto

“These technological advancements, with their accompanying risks, necessitate the commission revisiting our regulatory oversight, including our risk management requirements,” Goldsmith Romero said. “Integration...

Altcoins Dip Following Second SEC Lawsuit Against Crypto Exchange

The SEC's lawsuit against Coinbase named thirteen altcoins as securities. Source link

Introducing Pepe of Wall Street: The Meme Token Revolutionizing DeFi

In a bold leap from the depths of meme culture, Pepe of Wall Street emerges as the game-changer in the world of decentralized finance...

CBIT to Deploy Crypto Miners at 360 Mining’s Off-Grid Texas Site

Cathedra said the agreement makes it the first publicly listed miner utilizing both on- and off-grid energy. Off-grid energy can allow bitcoin miners...