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Nike OF1 NFT Sale Surpasses $1M Despite Delays, Tech Issues

The highly-anticipated virtual sneaker sale on .SWOOSH faced persistent delays, leaving some users frustrated. Meanwhile, Nike has so far labeled the release as...

Worldcoin and Venture Capital’s (VC) Callback to the ‘Cheap Money’ Era

To review, Worldcoin’s pitch is essentially twofold. At its core is The Orb, a device that scans the retinas of users, so they...

Layer 1 Blockchain Tenet Partners With Conflux and Qtum for More Exposure in China

The partnerships are aimed at increasing the liquid staking industry’s presence in Chinese markets. Source link

French Lawmakers Strike Softer Deal on Crypto Influencer Law

A final compromise appears to allow registered crypto firms to advertise through social media influencers, potentially easing industry fears. Source link