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Number of Ether Staked Has Surged By 4.4 Million Since Shapella Upgrade

The recently enabled withdrawal flexibility in ETH staking, courtesy of the Shapella upgrade, mitigates its perceived risk for many investors," Bitfinex's analysts noted....

Metalpha Secures $5M from Bitcoin Rig Manufacturer Bitmain for Grayscale-Based Fund

Metalpha is looking to raise $100 million for the Next Generation Fund I, which it has formed in partnership with NextGen Digital Venture...

HappyMiner Provides Cloud Mining Options so that everyone can Make Money through Cryptocurrency Mining

HappyMiner, a leading cryptocurrency cloud mining, has recently announced a groundbreaking development set to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency mining. With its innovative approach, HappyMiner is...

U.S. Is 'Losing' the Bitcoin Movement: Cathie Wood

Cathie Wood also referenced last year's dramatic collapse of crypto exchange FTX, saying it "proved the concept" of bitcoin Source link