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‘Bitcoin Represents a Threat to the Current Regime’

“The current regime, clearly, has it out for Bitcoin,” Ron DeSantis said during a Twitter space with Elon Musk and venture capitalist David...

Ledger’s PR Struggle Reveals Uncomfortable Trade-Offs for Crypto Storage

Guillemet also said that ultimately, even with the open sourced code, users have to trust the wallet manufacturer – Ledger or else –...

Nvidia (NVDA) Reminds Bitcoin (BTC) Miners to Give ChatGPT-Like AI a Look

Even though most miners are not likely to repurpose their facilities for AI, "there are some miners who have always had a more...

Bitcoin's Short-Term Holders Are Again Selling at Profit

Short-term holders' renewed profitability is a positive signal for near-term price action, according to on observer. Source link