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Hong Kong’s SFC Set to Finalize Rules for Crypto Exchanges, Accept License Applications

Under the rules, crypto exchanges are to maintain at all times no less than 5,000,000 Hong Kong dollars ($640,00) in capital, and at...

Ex-Sushi CTO Led NFT Lending Platform Astaria Rolls Out to Public

After months in a closed beta, the NFT lending platform has witnessed the highs and lows of its competitors in the space and...

Ether Balance on Exchanges Nears All-Time Low

"This trend is anticipated to persist, particularly considering that deflationary forces are expected to propel the price of Ether significantly," analysts at Binfinex...

Temple Wallet Makes Tezos History by Launching the First Wallet Token on This Blockchain

On Wednesday, May 24, Temple Wallet achieved a remarkable milestone as it unveiled a major update, introducing the TKEY token. With this release, Temple...