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Attackers Left Empty-Handed as Crypto Hacks Drop 70% in Q1 2023

“To date, hacking victims have recovered over half of all stolen funds in Q1 2023,” the firm added. “For example, in March 2023,...

Worldcoin Credentials Black Market Pops Up in China

Searches for the Worldcoin hashtag grew from 0 to almost 20,000 on Weibo – China’s Twitter-like social media site – from earlier in...

Come In And Register? Firms OTC Markets, Prometheum Say They Found SEC-Friendly Crypto Path

OTC Markets, a well-established name in the trading of penny stocks and other securities outside of the major exchanges, is counting itself among...

Bitcoin NFTs Take No. 2 Spot In Months

The data shows that in the past thirty days, Bitcoin NFTs have grossed about $167 million, which is several figures shy of Ethereum’s...