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Milady NFTs Underwent the Dogecoin Treatment Following Elon Musk Tweet

Earlier in May, the Milady collection spiked after receiving acknowledgment from Twitter owner Musk who tweeted a picture of a Milady avatar with...

Ava Labs, Firm Behind Avalanche Blockchain, Rolls Out AvaCloud Web3 Launchpad Service

"As blockchain has matured, it’s become clear that one size does not fit all," he said. "Because AvaCloud-powered blockchains are able to customize...

Announcing: ABX Attends Crypto 306 Exhibition in Dubai and Unveils New Technology

ABX Exchange, a leading hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, showcased its innovative technology and shared exciting developments at the recent Crypto 306 Exhibition held in Dubai.As...

Crypto Conglomerates, DeFi Targets of EU Financial Stability Watchdog ESRB Concerns

With the new Markets in Crypto Assets regulation (MiCA) set to take effect within the bloc in 2024, the European Systemic Risk Board...