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Crypto’s Quirky Automated Market Makers and How They Differ From TradFi Exchanges

Crypto exchanges have order books just like the NYSE, but the digital asset realm also offers something very different known as automated market...

Ava Labs, Firm Behind Avalanche Blockchain, Rolls Out AvaCloud Web3 Launchpad Service

"As blockchain has matured, it’s become clear that one size does not fit all," he said. "Because AvaCloud-powered blockchains are able to customize...

Arbitrum Based Jimbos Protocol Scurries for Revival After $7M Exploit

Version 2 of Jimbos protocol was attacked over the weekend for $7.3 million, just days after going live. Source link

U.S. Treasury Sanctions North Korean-Owned Binance Wallets; Says Entities Used Funds to Support WMD...

The Binance-hosted wallets received more than $2 million worth of various cryptocurrencies that were then sent on to North Korean entities, OFAC alleged Source...