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U.S. Lawmakers Can Get Crypto Regulations Right if They Act Now

Yes, disclosures are in order. However, there are some disclosures that don’t apply, as well as things you might want to know about...

Bitcoin's 'Ichimokou Cloud' Suggests Deeper Drop Toward $24K: Technical Analysis

Ichimoku Cloud, created by Japanese journalist Goichi Hosada in the 1960s, is widely used to gauge momentum and trend strength. Source link

Herencia Artifex, an NFT project for artistic collaboration across genres, sells the first of...

The project name "Herencia Artifex" (abbreviated HXA) is Latin for "Herencia" (inheritance) and "Artifex" (artist).The HXA project aims to use NFT to pass on...

Platinium Group is Release NFT F1 Tickets

Elie Zerbib, Co-Founder of Bary told CoinDesk that NFTs in the form of tickets offer buyers transparency, traceability, seamless digital ticketing, personalization and...