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Ava Labs, Firm Behind Avalanche Blockchain, Rolls Out AvaCloud Web3 Launchpad Service

"As blockchain has matured, it’s become clear that one size does not fit all," he said. "Because AvaCloud-powered blockchains are able to customize...

Announcing: ABX Attends Crypto 306 Exhibition in Dubai and Unveils New Technology

ABX Exchange, a leading hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, showcased its innovative technology and shared exciting developments at the recent Crypto 306 Exhibition held in Dubai.As...

Bitcoin BTC Price Holds Steady Near $27K as Investors Weigh Debt Ceiling Developments

Among major equity indexes, the tech-focused Nasdaq Composite climbed 0.5% to hit a 2023 high, while the S&P 500, which has a vital...

Brave Browser Introduces NFT Tokengating For Video Calls

NFTs can also be used by hosts to "configure avatars, assign moderator permissions, and more." When combined with Brave’s browser-native Brave Wallet, the...