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LabDAO Raises $3.6M to Decentralize Drug Discovery

The project also launched its new PLEX client that eases the burden of resource-intensive computations for scientific data. Source link

Temple Wallet Makes Tezos History by Launching the First Wallet Token on This Blockchain

On Wednesday, May 24, Temple Wallet achieved a remarkable milestone as it unveiled a major update, introducing the TKEY token. With this release, Temple...

U.S. Lawmakers Can Get Crypto Regulations Right if They Act Now

Yes, disclosures are in order. However, there are some disclosures that don’t apply, as well as things you might want to know about...

Crypto Execs From Coinbase, Messari Give Washington Influence Another Go With FTX Anchor Around...

While that day-to-day lobbying work happens, though, millions of U.S. crypto users are eager to make sure Congress is hearing their view that...